Saturday, October 20, 2012


So the weather in Kuwait is finally changing, and I tell you it's definitely the best time of the year!

Not hot , not cold, days and nights are just as pleasant!
Gentle breeze galore, I'm just sad I can't spend more time outdoors 

So I thought of finally busting out my fall clothes, which certainly are my summer clothes with a few additional layers :D

Its time for all summery vibrant happy colors to move aside and make way for more royal and cozy colors - like burgundy, my current FAVORITE!

So here I wore my fave top from summer, a flowy easy breezy top. 
Layered it on top of a longer black tank top, and threw on a cropped blazer to the mix.
I'm also loving the "all black" trend going on, as I mentioned on my facebook page a few days ago.
So, went with regular washed out black jeans at the bottom.

To bring a little interest to a rather color-less outfit, I strapped on my strap-y happy yellow wedges, to create subtle color blocking. Not quite ready to give up on that trend , yet!

I buttoned up the shirt all the way to the collar and tied a string of delicate little lace around the collar.
To let you in on a secret, I put together this outfit, just to wear these spikey earrings that I got a while ago, but never got the chance to wear. 
I thought - this is it, I'm wearing these come rain, come storm, today, and tadaa!


 So have you officially stepped into fall? How's it going there?

Have a wonderful day love!

What I wore:
Burgundy top - River Island
Cropped blazer - Splash
Black tank - splash
Jeans - Forever 21
Wedges - Local shop in Kerala
Earrings - H&M
Watch - juicy couture


  1. lovely pics...nice location n great outfit

  2. Lovely Outfit...The pics have been taken really well. I like this feminine outfit against the background

  3. im loving the top and the watch!!
    and i like the unusual background you have chosen for the outfit pics!!


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