Monday, September 17, 2012


It's already autumn in a lot of countries, in fact,  its freezing cold in some! But good ol' trusty Kuwait is not backing up from the heat.
 The nights have become cooler, maybe the days are cooler too, but it's just too hot for normal human functioning!

 Btw, By installing my new telecommunication devices, I receive telepathic messages directly into ma brain now. So just send 'em messeges this way.
err.. or you can still continue typin in good ol' fashion messages here.
 maybe your antenna ain't working ;)

Simple little accessories like tiny little baby clips to hold your hair, a loopty loopie belt, arm candy, clutch and necklace add character to the outfit.

Now, we can't be called characterless , can we? 

Anyways,summer still in full swing means I can still rock pretty little dresses. Don't get me wrong, I love layering, but we have a whole season comin for that right?

What I'm wearing:

Dress : river island
Belt : splash
Shades : Rayban
Clutch : river island
Footwear : kenneth cole
The rest : an assortment of local markets. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Retail therapy : Denim shirt and tribal pajama pants

What's happening my beloved fashionista?
 If you're not new to the blog, or my youtube channel, you'll know that I am caught up with doing my new home,
and let me tell you that this is a very time consuming and painfully expensive affair, 

I've still got a couple of electronic appliances to buy, and that calls for some shopping.
This definitely means a LOT OF walking around, comparing prices and models.
 But, that does not mean boring clothes. Comfortable, yes. But, not boring!

I've been wanting a denim shirt for the longest time, but i never had the time to shop for clothes, but I found one, that'll do for the time being (I shall be living in this until I find "THE ONE")

Now, we've all been through that day, when we just want to slip on some comfy shoes and set out in our pajama , right?
well, that's exactly what I did.
I just switched out my sneakers urge to comfy strappy wedges and
these Missoni inspired tribal printed pants gave me just the comfort my pajamas give.

I''ll always stick by the philosophy that a good statement necklace and some arm candy added to any outfit can take it from drab to fab in an instant.
What better example than this one, where I'm actually amping up this pajama look. aye? ;)

Coming back to my shopping, the search still continues, as of today, I'm still microwave-less and home theater-less .
Hope you've been having a beautiful day 
catch ya later!

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What I'm wearing:

Denim shirt - H&M
Tribal pants - Local market
Strappy wedges - Viss
Arm candy - forever 21, H&M
Necklace - local market
Sunglasses - Rayban
Watch - Michael kors

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plaid shirt + denim skirt

Hello my cupcake poodles!!
(what the hell is that, well, something smothered in love, for sure ! )


So after quite a long time of mall abstinence, it was time for me to finally go on a raid,
I had to wear something that spells the epitome of comfort,

And hence, chose this uber comfy plaid shirt, and denim skirt.
Decided to give it some character with the usuals - armswag and a chunky jewellery to pop my collar,

A crossbody messenger bag was a must to make sure nothing comes in the way of a raging shopaholic stampeding through aisles and aisles of endless glory.

 And, well, that's it. The smile on my face should give you an approximate damage done to the plastic.
Have fun guys!

What I wore:

Shirt - Lee cooper
Skirt - Splash
Sandals - Forever 21 
Watch - DKNY
Sunglasses - Rayban
Cross body bag - Payless
Necklace - Red tag

Sunday, September 2, 2012

An outfit fit for The Dark Knight, 360 mall, Kuwait

So, when we decided to watch the movie Dark knight rises, again, I simply had to honor the Dark knight himself by donning all black. I requested my hubby to do the same, to which he giggled, "Only you would think of doing something like that, boo! "
Prove me wrong girls, don't we love to dress up ?

Dress up according to the people, the place, the ambiance, the food, the company, the light, the season? 
If we didn't, what am I doing here with a fashion blog, and what are you doing there reading my fashion blog? ;)

Anyhu, I decided to wear my combat boots, you know, to toughen it up, with my flared knit skirt. I still wanted to keep it girly. 'Cuz thats what I am :)
Wore a plain ol' black tee on top, and layered with an asymetrical vest with silver lining, just to give my outfit a little more dimension and a dark knight-eque mysterious character!
Now, ofcourse, I had to cinch in my waist with a skinny belt, with silver detailing, to NOT waste the waist!

I wore my audrey hepburn earrings to keep darkness tied with girly theme going on, wore red lips to make sure cat woman is not lost in this jungle,
and wore my DIY lace clutch to still keep the femininity shining through all the polka dotted sheer tights action!

Now if you follow me on instagram, or youtube, (@mrjovitageorge) you know, my day is not complete without my armswag. so, i decided to add my DIY knucle rings in to the mix.

To keep it short and simple, that's it!
I loved the movie! i think it deserves every bit of the 9 stars that IMDB gifted the movie, and I would watch it again, just to see his piercing dark eyes, hear his husky voice and THAT BACKGROUND SCORE!
oh , oh, and the bike!

btw, here's a vlog of the day.. as if this wasn't enough :D

click, enjoy and comment! :D

what I'm wearing :

Skirt - zara
polka dotted tights - new look
combat boots - new look
t-shirt - drunken monkey
vest - forever 21
belt - no idea!
clutch - diy

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