Monday, August 20, 2012

Create your gallery wall

I see a cluster of pictures as my time travel to the happiest moments of my life!
So why not create a cluster of images at a lonely , but prime spot in my own home?
 And the fact that I'm 'JUST MARRIED' leaves me with no lack of memorable pictures!

A gallery wall also creates an interesting conversation starter when you have family or guests home. Talking about the pictures, the people, the location or the activities in the pictures count for a blissful time with your people. Taking you to your funny stories and poking your friends to share theirs, your home turns into a fun hangout. now c'mon! I know you secretly wanna have the most happenin' home ;) 

I love to simply sit in front of the pictures and stare! :D
Anyways, why not create your own wall of Frames?

Additional Tips

1. Choose frames of the same shade of color , but different shapes and sizes : If you have old frames lying around, just buy some acrylic paint from the market and paint them all in the same color

2. Convert your pictures into black & white : This prevents your wall from looking like a mess of color splashes and interfering with your existing color theme. It brings a sense of uniformity to randomness ;)

3. Maintain uniform spacing between the frames : Having a wall full of frames of different shapes and sizes is madness. But there should be a method to your madness. Keeping your frames equidistant from each other creates this method.

4. Display your most important picture in the center : This way the focus is first drawn to your baby's smile as opposed to your kitty licking its behind (although, that's cute too! )

5. Level :  Always keep a level handy to make sure you do not have a sinking ship of photos on your wall. Keep it parallel to the ceiling!

6. Create a plan : you do not want to unnecessarily drill a million holes in the wall hoping you'll find a magical fit somehow. There are many plans available on the web. Just ask google for help if you tip towards the  "not-creative" side.

7. Newspaper : If you watch my video carefully, you will understand why I should've taken my own advice very seriously. I thought I was too good for this step, and realized otherwise.
Cut out newspaper in the shape of EACH of your frame, (or just pull out the background paper that comes with the frame) and tape your actual plan on the wall. Just how and where you want it. And THEN, drill in your actual picture frames on top of this plan of your plan!

Trust me, all this seems to easy, but I'll tell you what's easy - easy to mess up!

so, LISTEN TO THE WISE - stick to your PLAN! :D

Have fun creating your wall mi amor! :D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mint Jeans and white Tee to TGIF

Oh mint, When will I get over my obsession for thee?

Neither could I bothered to plan my outfit, nor did I have the time
You know one of those days right?
Just pulled on my current obsession, a white blouse,

some accessories, Harry Potter sunglasses

comfy wedges (to match his long strides),

                            find an excuse to wear this darling owl ring my darling sister got me
                               (got an obsession for owls too. I'm an OBSSESSED kinda girl :/ )
                                          and it was time to thank God it was a Friday!

Headed over to TGIF and filled up on some cowboy burger, sea food platter (I HATE sea food. hubby loves it though) and some apple mocktail.
It was so huge, I had to have my burger with cutlery! Hubby was embarrassed . So, what's new? ;)

In case you're wondering, I'm wearing:

White blouse : Max
Black tank : River Island
Mint jeans : River Island
Watch : Marc Jacob
Ring : Claires
Sunglasses : Rayban
Earring : Aldo
Wedges : Viss

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