Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tribal Love

You know I love neon.
You know I love color.
you also know my love for arm swag 
(if you follow me on instagram (@Mrjovitageorge ) )

So now, you think you know me?

You still do not know my obsession for hi low skirts. I love hi low everything. Hi low shirts, hi low dresses, hi low life!
Come to think of it, it defines our life, right?
There's always a high followed by a low!

Talking of this particular outfit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lady gaga-esque power shoulder detailing. I have very large shoulders and doubted this blouse to fit me. But, I loved the color so much I decided to risk it anyways!
I don't know what it is, but it doesn't make my man-shoulders look bad.
so yay! :D
And, I can't even think of getting into a pair of jeans in this heat. The very thought of it hugging me tight repulses me. 
so, a dainty skirt that has a tail, that loves to trail me, seemed like just the right thing to wear! :)

 For my footwear, I wanted to go for something very neutral since the outfit is so loud.
 I would've preferred wearing a pair of nude pumps but,
 my husband has really long legs and never seem to remember my leg's lack of length. 
He loves the look of me in heels, but can't put up with the girly trot that comes with a 4 incher.
 so, well, I prefer a nice pair of flats to help me keep up with his treadmill speed!
so I'm curios,

Ladies, Do you go through the same trouble with your man?
Gents, what do you prefer on your woman? 

Here's what I'm wearing just in case you were wondering :

Neon blouse : Splash
Tribal skirt : Splash
Watch : Michael Kors
Embellished T-strap sandals : Reaction by Kenneth Cole


  1. i loved the skirt , and the colour of the shirt .. its beautifuulllll ... loved ittt :)

  2. I am a big fan of mullet skirts...Zara has some good numbers...My husby like fitted everything, though I am a loose is better theory person :)

    1. LOL! my hubby likes fitted everything on OTHER women :p

  3. Loving the shirt...You are sooooo beautiful!


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