Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Villa Al Fayrouz : Birthday Girl and Lavender phase

A couple of weeks ago, a very dear friend of ours celebrated her "Happy b'day" and she took us out to this really awesome arabic restaurant for dinner.
Now. what makes a restaurant awesome?
In my opinion - Ambiance, Food , and great company ( that you've gotto bring along! )
and, Villa Fayrouz was awesome because it scored 5 on 5 on all of my categories! well done ma boy! 

We're a photographer's delight, aren't we?

To start of with, the ambiance was just perfect with amazing seating and table arrangements, large windows over looking the busy, fancy car spangled Gulf road. Lighting was reminiscent of old arab glamor and well, it was just uuummmmmmmm ! ;)

Birthday Girl

The company was unmatched. Reema is Rubens childhood best friend.And Ruben is my husband. She's cute and sweet and ever so understanding of my husbands naughtiness and such. Just what I need! :D
That's 1 too many family introductions for today, so let's now move on to the food.

We ordered Potato harra (potato prepared with garlic and coriander since Reema is a vegetarian) that came with it's own little warmer ,

  Fayrouz special (Lamb with rice and gravy) , juicy and succulent.

Sheesh tawk ( common arabic chicken grill ) that came with some well salted, crispy fat fries and greens,

 Tabouleh (popular arabic green salad) ,

and OF COURSE no arabic course is complete without Hummus (remember "Don't mess with the ZOHAN" ? : D )and khaboos (arabic bread / pita bread), I could have just this and have a good night's sleep. well, i have done that. you know, lazy days.. right?
AND mint lemonade , a recent favorite of mine!

Let me tell you that the food was absolutely scrumptious! fresh and hot and meaty and soft and flavor laden! Fit for a sheikh! :D

To make most of the arabic dinner, we also ordered for a couple of sheesha's - tuffah (apple flavour) and nana (mint flavour), which turns my otherwise normal husband into a chimney!

Well, all in all the night was one to remember, the lady is a year older, friends , food, sheesha and endless conversations dating back to pulling-pranks-on-your-teacher days are definitely one of my favorite ways of spending an evening!

Now I cant step out without making a special mention of my outfit.
Nope! can't do it! I'll keep it short, but I've gotto do it.

SO! I'm in a pastel phase right now, digging out everything pastel from my shallow closet. Did some layering to create interest, pulled on my white jeans to keep it feeling light and fresh (it's hot as an oven in Kuwait), some arm swag, floral flats and YAY! there, I kept it short! :D

So that's it for today love! If you live in Kuwait, Do checkout Villa Al Fayrouz, and let me know how it went.
btw, what's the naughtiest thing you did back in the day? :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tribal Love

You know I love neon.
You know I love color.
you also know my love for arm swag 
(if you follow me on instagram (@Mrjovitageorge ) )

So now, you think you know me?

You still do not know my obsession for hi low skirts. I love hi low everything. Hi low shirts, hi low dresses, hi low life!
Come to think of it, it defines our life, right?
There's always a high followed by a low!

Talking of this particular outfit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lady gaga-esque power shoulder detailing. I have very large shoulders and doubted this blouse to fit me. But, I loved the color so much I decided to risk it anyways!
I don't know what it is, but it doesn't make my man-shoulders look bad.
so yay! :D
And, I can't even think of getting into a pair of jeans in this heat. The very thought of it hugging me tight repulses me. 
so, a dainty skirt that has a tail, that loves to trail me, seemed like just the right thing to wear! :)

 For my footwear, I wanted to go for something very neutral since the outfit is so loud.
 I would've preferred wearing a pair of nude pumps but,
 my husband has really long legs and never seem to remember my leg's lack of length. 
He loves the look of me in heels, but can't put up with the girly trot that comes with a 4 incher.
 so, well, I prefer a nice pair of flats to help me keep up with his treadmill speed!
so I'm curios,

Ladies, Do you go through the same trouble with your man?
Gents, what do you prefer on your woman? 

Here's what I'm wearing just in case you were wondering :

Neon blouse : Splash
Tribal skirt : Splash
Watch : Michael Kors
Embellished T-strap sandals : Reaction by Kenneth Cole

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