Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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God has a funny way of keeping us grounded and getting us closer to him. 
He is showering me with blessing one moment,with my newly wedded bliss, and all the hoo haa of moving into my first house, furnishing, settling down and choosing the couch colors, giving me unbearable amount of happiness, and then he gives me an extra large shot of bitter pain. 
Last week, I was woken up at 1:30 am by a call, my sister's desperate voice spoke, "Joel's had an accident. It's serious"
My heart stopped, and then it raised, my mind was clogged with racing thoughts, "he has severe head injuries.." but his final year exams are going on..

Through prayers and tears we pushed a week, and he is improving rapidly. healing faster than we estimated. My brother is a fighter, motivated and strong. God gives us only what we can accommodate.
Bad news is that he is suffering from nerve damage. He is going to surgery day after tomorrow, and we have complete faith in god, and in our surgeon!

We need your prayers. because nothing is impossible with prayers!

have a good day..!


  1. Sure Jovita, we join you with the prayers and I'm sure he will bounce back to life sooner.And in fact happy to know that he is recovering fast.

    Btw, I badly wanted to contribute to your photo-wall (pardon if its going theme based and pre-planned)

  2. God bless your brother - all the best for the surgery!

  3. Wishing your brother all the best and hope you are all strong and safe.

  4. Jovita, I went through a bit of highs and lows when reading this post myself. I LOLed really hard when you said "cleaned my ass out", which here in the US, we say "cleaned my ass off", instead of literally cleaning your butt. haha.

    Then I read about your brother. I will pray for him. He will surely be fine in time for his finals :)

    1. this comment made my day... thanks for your prayers dear friend

  5. Dear Jovita,
    It's such a delight to find your blog! In fact I got directed to your youtube page from indianbeautie. I'm also a malu and just SO happy to see another malu doing a blog and doing it so amazingly well. U MAKE ME PROUD SISTA! :) Was going through ur blog and saw this entry on your brother. How is he doing now?? Anyways, I'm on twitter and my id is prexiousbl. Take care and hope to hear from you! :)



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