Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neon Flutter : Neon green socks and grey vest

I've always been an ardent fan of colors. The brighter the better! 
In fact, I've always been a fan of anything girly, to a sickening level - flowers, candy, butterflies, sparkle, the works!

So, when I got to team up some of my favs - A neon T-shirt and a floral skirt (i mean, who wants to wear anything but skirts in this heat??? ) in the name of fashion, my husband couldn't say no, and I was ecstatic!
He likes more of the 'safe' stuff ,you know, boring boy style :D

To break the solidity of the neon T-shirt and to give to some structure, I paired it with a grey vest and a long chain.
and ofcourse, I don't have to explain the neon socks and patent oxfords, now do i? :D

P.S:  he says , "my wife's a clown!" , but lovingly ! :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May in instagram

God has a funny way of keeping us grounded and getting us closer to him. 
He is showering me with blessing one moment,with my newly wedded bliss, and all the hoo haa of moving into my first house, furnishing, settling down and choosing the couch colors, giving me unbearable amount of happiness, and then he gives me an extra large shot of bitter pain. 
Last week, I was woken up at 1:30 am by a call, my sister's desperate voice spoke, "Joel's had an accident. It's serious"
My heart stopped, and then it raised, my mind was clogged with racing thoughts, "he has severe head injuries.." but his final year exams are going on..

Through prayers and tears we pushed a week, and he is improving rapidly. healing faster than we estimated. My brother is a fighter, motivated and strong. God gives us only what we can accommodate.
Bad news is that he is suffering from nerve damage. He is going to surgery day after tomorrow, and we have complete faith in god, and in our surgeon!

We need your prayers. because nothing is impossible with prayers!

have a good day..!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color therapy

Summer, to me,  is all about flowers, colors, butterflies, cool drinks and never ending feel good hormones! 

There are times in life, when the sandstorms pull you down, when nothing goes the way you expected, instead of sulking and pulling yourself low, help yourself by giving motivation and new light each day.

There are times, when planning what you want to wear, and looking and smelling good would be the last thing on your mind. They seem like such impossible and insignificant tasks..

But, take care of yourself, you'l see how it elevates your dreary mood

Never turn on your back on yourself, never neglect yourself, because, with faith , everything turns to the best!
God bless you, and have a nice day

What I wore:
Lace shrug : Mango
Orange bubble top : Max
Blue jeans : River Island
Gold chain : mangalsutra
Floral flats : Red tag

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