Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MrJovitaGeorge May diary

May 2012 was a very eventful month in my life, so busy I didn't get enough time to cuddle my blog or vlog.
I want to talk about my month to you, but what better way to explain it all than throw a bunch of pictures on your screen. Don't forget to click on the image to enlarge.
by the way, I have an account in Twitter, Pose, Instagram and Pinterest, all by the name MrJovitaGeorge would be great to catch ya there.

p.s: April was more eventful, I shall collage up as soon as i get some time up my sleeve.

how was your month? I'm curious!!


  1. congratulations for your marriage, wish you a happily married life

  2. congrats for getting married and hope you stay that way. happy jovita makes everyone else a happy reader =D

    and my, girl you had one super eventful month there!

  3. That really was eventful! Congratulaitons :)

  4. It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.

  5. terimakasih.............
    postingan yang bagus.........



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