Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Primary Affair

If you are familiar with an artist's color palette, you would know that Red, Yellow and Blue make the "Primary Colors" and that is because all the colors imaginable are derived from red , yellow and blue!

I am obssessed with colors and need some brights on me all the time. So today I decided to go the primitive way!

Keeping my favorite trend, Color blocking aside, Colored Jeans are my new hunger! I got this pair of electric blue awesomness from riverisalnd, and oh, are they comfortable?
I kept it simple with the footwear, matching with the jeans, since I have a lot of wedding prep related running to do ALL DAY! 
Just 10 more days guys! 

Since I am very clearly OD-ing on colour with the jeans and bright red tank, it was , I believe, a good idea to neutralize it a tad bit with this black and white striped tee I got a couple of months ago from H&M. You might remember this top from here.

Now i had to incorporate yellow in somewhere to complete the primary colors. So i added a yellow clutch for that subtle completion.

Pulled my hair out of the way for the long sweaty day, and accessorized with some arm candy and a simple long necklace, Ima ready for the day.
Bring it on biatch! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Empty smile

Pressed an LV clutch to her chest
Waving her slender hands to the fest
A simle flashed her crimson lips
While giving her empty eyes a dismal miss

She kept getting lost within herself
A cloud fogging her soul in stealth
A maze of towers, doubt, she build around
Gasping for air, she tumbled, she drowned

Her value surfaced once she’s gone
Diamonds had chained her into a fawn
The fame, the adulation that once was
Now, Floated back up to reveal an irreplacable loss

In tears we can wish for the past
In tears we can wish it would always last
OR protect our ‘taken for granted’
To never be in grief, forever stranded

This is a tribute to Whitney Houston - The Legend. The best there will ever be!

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