Thursday, March 1, 2012


I had a very particular name stuck in my head in the morning as I was getting dressed for brunch by the beach.
Coco chanel !

I am a true blue piecean! I love water and I love the ocean!
I love the sound of it, the smell of it and the feel of it!
The beach absolutely brightens my day, no matter how damp my spirits have been!

The blue shift dress kind of channels the style of Channel and I did some minor color blocking by adding my peach chanel look alike purse.

Although blue is technically a "cool" color, and hence, would suit better with silver jewellery, I find royal blue paired with gold exuberates a royal charm!
here since we are inspired by Lady Chanel herself, a little royalty wouldn't hurt!

Coco Chanel is such an iconic lady! And such magnificent, timeless and elegant designs! 
droooool! 1 day baby 1 day!

and I love sheer stocking with pretty bows with the cut off booties.
more to the girly charm!
Tip with ankle boots - as long as they are cut to show your ankle bones, they will not chop you off vertically. Instead,they makes your legs look longer and leaner. Yay! :D

A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous! - Coco Chanel


  1. cool attire. . love the way it has been put together . . :)

  2. Love your dress..I like blue so much that I have 2 tops and 2 dresses in same shades of blue

  3. i love th enetire ensemble, except for th epic of ur oddly placed leg ... :P

    1. hehe.. dats supposed to show my shoe :D

  4. gorgeous...

    Loved the blog…

  5. great colour!

    I'd love if you could visit my blog! I am a new fashion blogger :)

    1. thank u.. u have a wonderful blog! me strolling around right now!! :)

  6. I like the entire look, especially the way you have paired the sheer leggings...make sit look very chic!!!

  7. Oh wow, a dream in blue.
    You look so great.
    Love your Blog. Love you at youtube.
    You're so funny & sweet.

    Loveley Greets from Germany


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