Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunset and stripes | Red pants

Let me make this blogpost about just a few things I loved about my day in dubai

1.The unpredictable, but absolutely romantic weather - with the soft breeze caressing my skin, I had no idea when I was too cold to put on my sweater and too hot to take it off!

2.The walk through marina - We actually reached here looking for the Marina mall. Got lost and hungry. Ended up enjoying the "lost land" more.
I mean just feast your eyes on the pictures. Everything from the sparkle spat on the water, to the therapeutic colors , to the happy people taking a day off for friends and family to the mouth watering food and of course, "the" breeze.
Glad we got lost! :D

3. The skyline of Dubai - You should note that the stunning glimmering skyline of Dubai is built such that it is a mesmerizing array of lego blocks from ANY spot in the city. ANY! 

4. The time I got to spend with my family - sometimes, work and stuff consume our life
and we are pushed to take the most important things in our life for granted.
Things like - parents!

5. What I wore - modest bunch , aren't we? lol! 
but hey, what's the point in living, if you do not love yourself, and everything you do, including what you eat, and what you wear!
What I love about the outfit is the tiny details that I threw on as the day went by, like the blue bracelet, snakeskin belt, peeking pink socks, and my long silver chain.
p.s: take a look at the happy girl on the happy dad's shoulder ! blissful sight !

6. The ride in metro - errrm,  I am not ashamed to admit that I have NEVER experienced the metro before! I was flabbergasted! man!
ok, so it's nothing more than glorified Indian railways, BUT, we cannot ignore the 'glorified' .
not at all !

7.And finally, the sunset . period. 


  1. Note to self: Must visit Dubai! Sunset pic is a killer!



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