Monday, February 27, 2012

Feline Lady bug | Red pants and Leopard scarf

You know about my obsession with red pants right?
I mean, how could you have missed it? 

So here's another one to add to the pack, hopefully the last in the blog :D

I reaally love the leopard print against the lady bug backdrop! 
I am like the queen of the jungle now, or something like that. :/

btw, I promise you my next post will not have any red in it! I was addicted !

ANYWEZ, if i have not tormented you enough, and you require some more help in wearing red/ bright colored pants, i have actually made a video on it. wanna watch?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunset and stripes | Red pants

Let me make this blogpost about just a few things I loved about my day in dubai

1.The unpredictable, but absolutely romantic weather - with the soft breeze caressing my skin, I had no idea when I was too cold to put on my sweater and too hot to take it off!

2.The walk through marina - We actually reached here looking for the Marina mall. Got lost and hungry. Ended up enjoying the "lost land" more.
I mean just feast your eyes on the pictures. Everything from the sparkle spat on the water, to the therapeutic colors , to the happy people taking a day off for friends and family to the mouth watering food and of course, "the" breeze.
Glad we got lost! :D

3. The skyline of Dubai - You should note that the stunning glimmering skyline of Dubai is built such that it is a mesmerizing array of lego blocks from ANY spot in the city. ANY! 

4. The time I got to spend with my family - sometimes, work and stuff consume our life
and we are pushed to take the most important things in our life for granted.
Things like - parents!

5. What I wore - modest bunch , aren't we? lol! 
but hey, what's the point in living, if you do not love yourself, and everything you do, including what you eat, and what you wear!
What I love about the outfit is the tiny details that I threw on as the day went by, like the blue bracelet, snakeskin belt, peeking pink socks, and my long silver chain.
p.s: take a look at the happy girl on the happy dad's shoulder ! blissful sight !

6. The ride in metro - errrm,  I am not ashamed to admit that I have NEVER experienced the metro before! I was flabbergasted! man!
ok, so it's nothing more than glorified Indian railways, BUT, we cannot ignore the 'glorified' .
not at all !

7.And finally, the sunset . period. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Zara blazer

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I have been weirdly obsessing over this pair of jeans from mango.

 My only regret is that I didn't buy them in ALL the colours! :(

Mango jeans

I feel red pants are extremely versatile. I think it can even pass for semi formal wear. wadya think?

The only thing more unpredictable than "women" is the weather in Kuwait. It's raining one day, and freezing the next. When you're bundled up prepared for ice, it's fuming hot! Makeup your mind dear country.
Today we had decided on finishing a bunch of stuff from my to-do list. It ended up being too cold to do anything though :(
Forever 21 and zync tank tops

I am warning you against my red obsession! Please, do not judge me if the next string of my blog posts are all RED. 

Nine west shoes
erm.. I am aware of the fact the my shoes are a size bigger than my feet. what do I do? I have the weirdest show size :(

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the streets of Dubai

You know why I love Dubai? Because, Dubai is what you want it to be.
You want to live a peaceful life, you get it,
you want a hectic life you get it!
beach? shopping? heritage? food? culture? nature? night life?
 you get all that you need.
why, you even get a boring life if you want one!

And to think, all this is man made! It is just fascinating.
I come from a country, where God saw no limits in his blessings. we have a rich wonderful land, that today sadly is exploited. and NOT to our advantage.
Whereas, Dubai, that was just a desert, not even that rich in oil... is a twinkling wonderland thriving in all that world has to offer made of all that man could think of!

Sniffing history, I strolled through the old spice market untill I reached the creek,which apparently is man made too! Gently rocking my senses alive, the abra carried me across the glimmering creek, outlined by the skylit monsters, to the heritage village where I was mesmerized by their folk dance, architecture and food.

The juxtaposition of untouched heritage with unmatched modernity is indescribable for me right now.
yea, I'm just in awe!

This place is different EVERY TIME I come here!

Btw, Dubai is warm during the day and chilly during evening/ night. so the light material of my dress layered over a chiffon blouse made it very day appropriate. whereas, my subtle bling collar necklace, chanel earrings and cuff bracelets definitely gave it the night time oomph!
Not to mantion, my leggings kept me warm and patent oxfords kept me comfortable throughout my day! :)

I want to shout out a special thanks to Shahid Mohammad for being kind enough to take me around and snap some amazing pics.
Please check out his blog at:

you can see the wonderful Dubai through an artist's eye! :)

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