Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My baby sister

God blessed a couple
 A quarter century ago,
They named her  Gilda
Servant of God, covered in gold.
True to her name she grew she lives
Smearing her joy, in hope she believes
She smiles from within,
Walks with an aura,
Giving and gentle
Cute as dora.
She struts around flashing her dimple,
Advocating a life that’s too simple
So let me sit and count,
My blessings, my baby sister,
Believe me I’ve looked around,
And theres nothing that compares to you mister!
Happy bday my giya!


  1. awwwwwies ths was so beautiful srmu n perfect for gilla ..... <3 ittttt

  2. awww...such a adorable way to say birthday wishes.
    Happy Birthday Gilda <3

    Deepika <3

  3. A very very Happy Birthday Gilda !

  4. "Walks with an aura"

    I always use to tell this. The aura of energy she carries and how contagious it is.


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