Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fur Lining

I guess Kuwait was reading my blog post about me being unhappy about the lack of chill in the winter.

To shut me up, Kuwait gave us a week of piercing cold , and now we're back to rain and blah!

And so I din't waste my opportunity to dig up my fur collar. Who knows what's in store for tomorrow! :D

P.s: Layering doesn't have to be ugly and bulky
I am wearing 2 layers of sweaters underneath, so just in case it warms up during the day I can always peel off the outermost layers.
The fur collar keeps my neck warm, and, i can even pull it up to protect my ears when needed.
And for my legs, I have on a pair of thermos leggings and really cozy leg warmers which I layered underneath my trusty boots.
and tadaaa! Ima toasty!


  1. looking lovely!
    very elegant couture!


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