Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fur Lining

I guess Kuwait was reading my blog post about me being unhappy about the lack of chill in the winter.

To shut me up, Kuwait gave us a week of piercing cold , and now we're back to rain and blah!

And so I din't waste my opportunity to dig up my fur collar. Who knows what's in store for tomorrow! :D

P.s: Layering doesn't have to be ugly and bulky
I am wearing 2 layers of sweaters underneath, so just in case it warms up during the day I can always peel off the outermost layers.
The fur collar keeps my neck warm, and, i can even pull it up to protect my ears when needed.
And for my legs, I have on a pair of thermos leggings and really cozy leg warmers which I layered underneath my trusty boots.
and tadaaa! Ima toasty!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My baby sister

God blessed a couple
 A quarter century ago,
They named her  Gilda
Servant of God, covered in gold.
True to her name she grew she lives
Smearing her joy, in hope she believes
She smiles from within,
Walks with an aura,
Giving and gentle
Cute as dora.
She struts around flashing her dimple,
Advocating a life that’s too simple
So let me sit and count,
My blessings, my baby sister,
Believe me I’ve looked around,
And theres nothing that compares to you mister!
Happy bday my giya!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I wear red pants!

I was threatened to be disowned. By friends, AND FAMILY

But, I stayed loyal to my red pants (avexa and leather jacket)

After a minute of begging and pleading, family offered a lending hand to snap some pics of "the crazy one"
and, I return home happy.
with some pictures,
a Samsung galaxy s2
a Sony Vaio


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Potbelly sandwich shop, Kuwait

What started out, in 1977 as a humble antique shop in Chicago by a nice young couple eventually turned out to be one of the yummiest sandwich shops that world has seen today.

Well, the couple had to start making sandwiches to keep their customers interested, and they ended up interesting them a tad bit too much!

And yesterday, I SAW WHY!

What caught my attention initially was the innocent old-ish beautiful furnishing. It was just sooo.. I so want to say nostalgic.. but how on earth would it be nostalgic for me???

Maybe not nostalgic,but definitely special, since it is the 3rd outlet that has opened in the middle east. 1st two being in Dubai. So, well, we Kuwaiti's have something to boast about now..hehe

The sandwich reminded me of a more sinful, more juicy, yummier version of the subway.
OOOOh, the juicy meaty mixed flavor bursting in my mouth. I WAN MORE! X-(

I couldn't take any picture of the actual ambiance, well, I didn't want any smart Joe accusing me of taking his wife's picture illegally. Strange things happen sometimes!

As our trial meal, we had the infamous Wreck salad, clubby sandwich and a pot of coleslaw . The sandwich was magical, the salad was urrrmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmMMMMmmm, and the coleslaw was disgusting! :s
slimy! if u like mayo squeezing out of your teeth,as you chew cabbage, you'll like the coleslaw :)

Funny story: I loved the salad, I feasted on the salad, and then, my Thor pointed out the Blue cheese in the salad.
yea, i didn't taste it until then. I'm weird !
quick fact: i hate blue cheese - the smell, the taste, the sight.
But, I was far too deep into my salad to withdraw, so then I continued until i hit bottom!
quick end of the story : I got sick :( and took the day off. at least I had a genuine reason to ;)

It is located in the Avenue mall, which would be your second home, if you live in Kuwait. In the new food court, along with Taco bell .
Oh btw, Something I didn't know before placing our order, you can actually get the skinny/healthy/low fat version, or the fat potbelly causing version! we OBVIOUSLY went for the potbelly! :D

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unexpected chill on a rainy day

November froze my ass off, and to my disappointment, December was totally laid back. I love bundling up like a little bunny and the total stunner not-so-freezing-cold winter took away all my chances to wear my faux fur. waah!

Anyways, as a gesture of apology, Kuwait has been blessing us with some scanty, unpredictable showers, and with this, I like to believe , the chill is coming back. YIPPIEEE!

Btw, don't be fooled by the bare arms, I had my comfy coat hanging on the photographer's mighty shoulders, along with my beloved Avexa :D

It was a perfect day for a lazy day (didn't I mention RAIN?) 
 Al-Fanar mall is one of the oldest and most magnificent malls of Kuwait. It's sad that this place is deserted now, with the birth of swanky new cities, that people still refer to as "malls" 
 so, we gave Fanar some company on this very rainy day! :)

I felt the flowy white complemented the weather beautifully and the bright blues and teals gave the gloomy sky a reason to smile! And all the room and flow is just the perfect way to hide my holiday cheer! ;)

Do take notice of my patent leather oxfords..that was my back up plan. Just in case, the blue wasn't bright enough, the shiny black shoes had to take over! :D

All in all, it was just the MOST PERFECT DAY for a cup of steaming hot chocolate and a long long drive !

Thanks for visiting me! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday snippets

OKAY, so I've been missing for a while, but hey!! IT WAS THE HOLIDAYS! :D

Christmas is the favorite time of my year.
To me it spells hope, love, forgiveness, and joy. Although the true meaning of Christmas is lost amidst all the glitter, parties and santas, it's the time of the year, when hurt and tension is given a break and, people from all over the world unite to celebrate 1 thing-Happiness!

I'm presenting a couple of my snaps from this holiday season, hoping it will pass as a significant post :D

So, no matter what you did this Christmas and New years, I hope, that you keep your hope alive to bring you happiness and satisfaction for the rest of the year.

What if it IS the end?
Follow your heart and stay HAPPY!!

Here's to a new beginning!

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