Sunday, December 23, 2012


Trapped in a forest,
Dark and damp,
She advances carefully
Looking for the light
Every step is unknown
 Every step a fright
But she’s overcome by a will
To make it out live
She pushes through mould,
She pushes through rough rocks
One such move she’s pushed into a hold
A fire of thorns pierces her flesh
Grounding her in hopelessness
Every inch rips through her skin
Every try wastes her blood.
Smeared in sweat, covered in muck
She gave a final screech for help
She gave up; lying in her cradle
the cradle of thorns that helps her rest
After the 180 days of constant struggle,
She decided to no more fight
It’s the forest for life now,
“Just you and me, cradle”
She sighed and drifted into sleep
Peaceful sleep.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Royal Emerald

SO what have you been up? we're half way into december, Christmas is NEXT WEEK (WAAAAT?) , its the holiday season!
I've been major busy with carols, YEA! I sang :D It was a beautiful experience :)

Is it strange that I have to mention Kuwait's weather in every post?
I love winter, and I love bundling up.
This year winter teased a bit , but that's it. We're still stuck with the "enviable beautiful" weather. I had enough of that, now I need blistering cold!

As I always preach the fine detailing, the detailing that we often condemn not important, the detailing that we tend to ignore, is what makes an outfit stand out!

Anyways, I made an obvious shift from bright happy colors to more sultry dark colors. Emerald greens
and royal blues are a few of my fav's of the moment. So, why not both together?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Game Plan

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the five o’clock shadow on my man. He looked hot and unkempt and rebellious and dirty and hot!
Now, although I still find him hot with the shadow and all, I feel he looks a bit unkempt and rebellious and dirty! So, now, I’d rather have him soft, supple, clean and cuddle-able!

Now, boys will always be boys, being dirty and lazy and unkempt runs in their vein! So, I have got to adjust, make a few changes and change my game plan.

I sat down and shuffled through my various options. In the end, it was a tough call between The Scare and The Crave. I thought The Crave showed more promise for a more effective game plan, and that I adopted!

Girls will be girls, and there are a few things we are really good at, ‘looking good’ is one of themalong with being manipulative and calculative! What man would be able to resist looking good, when their wife looks smoking hot! (By man, wife, girl and boy, I am not solely referring to myself or my hubby. This is a truly generic ;)  )
As a part of my best laid “Crave the stubs out of him” plan, I started paying extra attention to myself, getting back into my intense workouts, healthy eating, weekly skin and hair treatments, some nail pampering,  a little de-fuzzing action, a dab of gloss, a touch of highlight , a sprits of his favorite perfume and some music.

I figured, he wouldn't want it to look like his wife is having an affair with her driver when we walked hand in hand, he wouldn't want to be a shadow when his wife was busy radiating charm at holiday events, he wouldn't want to miss a chance for some check to check / cuddly time with her, he definitely would NOT want to give her the stubble rash,  and he would want to be let in for the talk of the town party and wave his hands up in air, itch free!

As expected, now he comes home, runs to the shower with a smile on his face, gets on with the works, The shower, The shave, steps out smelling like a dream, with a glow on his face-his face , his face! now that I cannot separate from..
Please let me conclude, simply put, The Crave Plan worked, and 'The craving' goes both ways now!

P.S: It looks like he’s had a facial every time he shaves! EVERY-TIME! Wish it was that easy for me.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return of the pajama pants,this time to work!

If you've been following my instagram, you might remember this post from last summer

I had featured it on my blog here
and it was also featured on one of my favorite fashion website's 

I'm still so in love with the pajama pants, I decided to autumn-ise the pants by adding a black button up with cute white detailing on it, along with a chiffon ribbon tied into a bow underneath the collar!

Adding a pair of simple black pointy toe pumps with kitten heels took this outfit from casual to smart and the arm candy in coordinated colors, gave it just the right amount of glam to a simple work outfit!

This pic is stolen from my Instagram as well,
so if you love fashion, and you aren't following me on Instagram yet ( username: mrjovitageorge ) , maybe you should now :D
Good day love!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Holiday season is just around the corner, and being girls, we want something new  and something unique to stand out from the crowd.

I came across the collection, D'Zee designs by my friend, and it would be unfair if I didn’t share it with you in the ‘thankful’ air we’re living in :D

I especially love how she has mixed sheer fabric with satin, all the subtle embroidery that definitely makes a statement, and the cute, girly, party dresses fit for the season!

Flirty lengths, happy colors, and trendy structure is what makes her collection a must have in our closet!

Check out her facebook page here  D'zee Designs
And you can get in touch with her, for queries or orders through her email :

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this, This is my honest and genuine opinion

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blue frosting

It’s getting cold!!!
While I’m excited about all the faux fur, leather, leggings, mufflers, mittens and boots I'll get to wear now, I’m also sad about bidding farewell to pretty half sleeves and flowy tops and skirts for a couple of months.

Okay I know it looks like a nice sunny day in the pic. But, my dear, looks can be deceiving! :D

I have been having this pair of black and white stripes for approximately forever!
When I saw it on a rack that yelled “SALE” , it was absolutely irresistible to me.
But, no matter what I paired it with, it always looked, kind of, jester-ly L
So, I’ve not really worn it much..

But recently I saw someone somewhere rock a nice solid royal blue skirt with a similar striped t shirt.
Inspiration struck, and here we have today’s post!

You've been so sweet to me, let me do a little bollywood jive for ya !
I love pairing royal blue with both gold and silver,
 went for frosted silver icing today J

That's it for today buddy. 
Hope you have a true blue wonderful day!

By the way,
do you prefer summer or winter?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Diary: Malaysia Day 1

Last month my husband and I took a short trip to Malasiya. It was NOT our honeymoon, I will only accept Paris as my honeymoon destination. So until we reach THE Paris, they are all going to be mini-moons and mini-mini-moons!
We took Air Asia to Malasiya. They won the award for the best low cost airline twice consecutively, but my verdict, you definitely pay for not paying!
The seats were too uncomfortable, the flight was too cold and everything including blankets are paid! L
We were jet lagged, frozen and exhausted by the time we reached our destination. All we could think of doing was to check in to our beautiful hotel n crash!
 But what do you know, the check in time in Malasiya is 2 pm!! And we were there by 8 am! Good heavens, we are used to the standard 12:00 pm check in time, so we were totally taken aback. We didn't have the super human powers to wait it out in the lobby, so we strolled out looking for a dirt cheap motel.
And so we found one! And omg! It was not a cheap place but , how do I explain, okay let me put it this way, the only thing the room had was a queen sized mattress. Period. 
No mirrors , no cupboards,  no side tables , no nothing! So I’m sure you understood what kinda “motel” we checked ourselves into!  But honestly, we cudn't care less, at that point all we required was a bed, and we passed out!
Fast forward to the next morning, we get out, I was so excited I actually forgot to get out of my comfy hotel room slippers!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spots and Bow

Good morning my sweet cyber friend! 
Work has been taking over my life, and to make matters worse,
Life doesn't always go the way you plan it,
and by 'Life' , I strictly mean, 'work' :D

At times like this, I feel so uninspired and demotivated,
all I want to do is get ready and be there on time, finish on time, get back home and then continue with the rest on my to-do list

But, I realize it is of utmost importance to always keep yourself motivated, 
always keep yourself energized, on your toes,
'cuz if you give in, what is the meaning of life thereafter?

This particular day I gave in to my slow transitional obsession to dark colors, namely-black!
 Kept the interest going with the burgundy grey spots and bow detailing at the neckline, some silver jewels and pearls

Simple, yet I've given me some time.
I feel good.

Bye love!
Keep yourself MOTIVATED!
Have a good day :)

What I'm wearing:
Top : Red tag (very old)
Pants : Zara
Flats : Reliance trends

Saturday, October 20, 2012


So the weather in Kuwait is finally changing, and I tell you it's definitely the best time of the year!

Not hot , not cold, days and nights are just as pleasant!
Gentle breeze galore, I'm just sad I can't spend more time outdoors 

So I thought of finally busting out my fall clothes, which certainly are my summer clothes with a few additional layers :D

Its time for all summery vibrant happy colors to move aside and make way for more royal and cozy colors - like burgundy, my current FAVORITE!

So here I wore my fave top from summer, a flowy easy breezy top. 
Layered it on top of a longer black tank top, and threw on a cropped blazer to the mix.
I'm also loving the "all black" trend going on, as I mentioned on my facebook page a few days ago.
So, went with regular washed out black jeans at the bottom.

To bring a little interest to a rather color-less outfit, I strapped on my strap-y happy yellow wedges, to create subtle color blocking. Not quite ready to give up on that trend , yet!

I buttoned up the shirt all the way to the collar and tied a string of delicate little lace around the collar.
To let you in on a secret, I put together this outfit, just to wear these spikey earrings that I got a while ago, but never got the chance to wear. 
I thought - this is it, I'm wearing these come rain, come storm, today, and tadaa!


 So have you officially stepped into fall? How's it going there?

Have a wonderful day love!

What I wore:
Burgundy top - River Island
Cropped blazer - Splash
Black tank - splash
Jeans - Forever 21
Wedges - Local shop in Kerala
Earrings - H&M
Watch - juicy couture

Friday, October 19, 2012


We know that October is Breast cancer awareness month
we're half way through the month, and I'm sitting here wondering, what have we done about spreading awareness?

Now of course we wore pink ribbons, wore pink clothes, baked pink goodies and spread pink..
 but is that enough?
Please check out this article I wrote for my company's blog, "Being aware of breast cancer awareness" , this is how I could think of helping.
All of us can join in this venture to educate our self and the women in our lives to be aware of this deadly disease. It can happen to anyone, any time!

Now, coming to what I wore this week to work, pink of course, I just paired this dress with a a simple white button down and black leggings to make it more work appropriate

Added some simple jewellery like my flower earring , watch and a bracelet, not to take away from the pearl collar detailing, 

which my dear, yours truly did herself. 
The idea was to stitch an embellished peter pan collar with pearls, But it turned out rather shapeless. Nevertheless, I like the collar detailing , so I'm keeping it. 
And since it's stitched opposed to being glued, I can take it off, without damaging my precious little pink dress, when I'm bored of it!

Ballerina flats give me the comfort to run around at work all day and since I'm wearing black tights, I wanted to keep it all homogeneous. So went with black flats.

So, ladies enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, help those in need, for one day we will need it too!

What goes around comes around, my love!

Have a good day :)

What I wore:
Pink dress - Mango
White button down - H&M
Earring - Aldo
Watch - Longiness
Bracelet - Goodwill, cochin
Tights - don't remember
Flats - Reliance trends

Monday, September 17, 2012


It's already autumn in a lot of countries, in fact,  its freezing cold in some! But good ol' trusty Kuwait is not backing up from the heat.
 The nights have become cooler, maybe the days are cooler too, but it's just too hot for normal human functioning!

 Btw, By installing my new telecommunication devices, I receive telepathic messages directly into ma brain now. So just send 'em messeges this way.
err.. or you can still continue typin in good ol' fashion messages here.
 maybe your antenna ain't working ;)

Simple little accessories like tiny little baby clips to hold your hair, a loopty loopie belt, arm candy, clutch and necklace add character to the outfit.

Now, we can't be called characterless , can we? 

Anyways,summer still in full swing means I can still rock pretty little dresses. Don't get me wrong, I love layering, but we have a whole season comin for that right?

What I'm wearing:

Dress : river island
Belt : splash
Shades : Rayban
Clutch : river island
Footwear : kenneth cole
The rest : an assortment of local markets. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Retail therapy : Denim shirt and tribal pajama pants

What's happening my beloved fashionista?
 If you're not new to the blog, or my youtube channel, you'll know that I am caught up with doing my new home,
and let me tell you that this is a very time consuming and painfully expensive affair, 

I've still got a couple of electronic appliances to buy, and that calls for some shopping.
This definitely means a LOT OF walking around, comparing prices and models.
 But, that does not mean boring clothes. Comfortable, yes. But, not boring!

I've been wanting a denim shirt for the longest time, but i never had the time to shop for clothes, but I found one, that'll do for the time being (I shall be living in this until I find "THE ONE")

Now, we've all been through that day, when we just want to slip on some comfy shoes and set out in our pajama , right?
well, that's exactly what I did.
I just switched out my sneakers urge to comfy strappy wedges and
these Missoni inspired tribal printed pants gave me just the comfort my pajamas give.

I''ll always stick by the philosophy that a good statement necklace and some arm candy added to any outfit can take it from drab to fab in an instant.
What better example than this one, where I'm actually amping up this pajama look. aye? ;)

Coming back to my shopping, the search still continues, as of today, I'm still microwave-less and home theater-less .
Hope you've been having a beautiful day 
catch ya later!

This outfit was chosen as the look of the day by
check it out here Look of the day

What I'm wearing:

Denim shirt - H&M
Tribal pants - Local market
Strappy wedges - Viss
Arm candy - forever 21, H&M
Necklace - local market
Sunglasses - Rayban
Watch - Michael kors

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