Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Art of can, Kuwait

For the past couple of years, RED BULL, has been organizing the "Art of can" competition and exhibition in various different countries around the world. An initiative taken up by Red Bull to encourage art and recycling . Of course a little Red bull Hype and advertisement wouldn't hurt either :)

And for the first time in history, Kuwait hosted the Red bull art of can exhibition!

When the temperature is dropping mercilessly low, and when it seems like your bestest friend in the whole wide world is the cup of steaming coffee in your hands, an initiative taken up by the Bushery group, to bring the Red bull art of can exhibition to Kuwait is commendable! We actually had something SPECTACULAR to look forward to this weekend!

Well, if you're wondering why I'm taking so much ineterst in this, buckle up ma chere !!  :)

 ok, sorry, got a little carried off, I dint win even a complementary prize, and I still get carried away. 
tsk tsk ! Silly girl !

To prevent any confusions here, and to aid the total understanding of my  sweat and blood, I’ll explain my work a bit,

 (a friend of mine asked me,”What is the red bull doing to the baby bottle?”  YIKES!)

So the silver tilting mass that you see, yea, that’s supposed to be the Empire state building.
 Oh yeah! Big ideas! Wait a minute, It does look like a baby bottle, but I wasn’t the architect of The Empire state,  I’m just a mere copier, :D so well…

In my work, Red bull is holding up the falling Stock exchange. ( the ‘tilting’ symbolises the crashing financial crisis). And, as you may agree, red bull signifies Energy, vitality and vigour.
So to conclude, all I was trying to say is,  “With determination, vitality and vigour, we can overcome anything, including the financial crisis that’s choking a lot of us  of dear life.”

 When I was standing amongst the other artists waiting for the emcee to declare the winner, I had little hopes, as you can see, BUT my family was very expectant. They thought I had a commendable idea behind the badly executed master piece. 

End of story, A scorpion, Lady gaga costume and  a huge silver bull took home the prizes. So much for deep thinking! :D
Apparently, they were looking for JUST art! :D

For more info on the exhibition, check out


  1. awwww, but i loved the idea behind it srmu .. i think it was great :)

  2. That's great.Great idea.

  3. hehe.. thank you soo much both of u :)

  4. I'm sorry this is totally unrelated to this post but your hair looks fabulous. Any way you can't show us girls how to do that style? Please!

  5. I went for the Art of Can exhibition. Ur piece actually lacks the writeup. Now that its explained I think urs deserved top 3.
    Anyways, keep it ROLLIN!!!

  6. Hey!!! Dun worry!!! I was a participant there too... If u noticed the redbull with a tatoo that was painting a redbull logo was my piece... N seriously my thoughts are just as urs... They were lookinG for art only wid out any damn concept!!!! I mean the bull wat was the logic??? N seriously it looked like a dog ar first sight!!! N cud anyone plz tell me the concept behind that ladyyy gagaaa dressssss??? :S but the scorpion was really deserving even it wasnt havin any concept but its execution made all our art to left behind!!! :) so hunny dun worry abt wat the redults were we r all winners bcoz we tried atleast!!! So cheers to our hardwork... N yeah we'd b gettin sumthing as a prize from them but its a hushhh hushhh thing so just wait for the exhibition to get over n u'll know wat it is... ;)

  7. yours is just not art...its art with creativity.

  8. @huda jassim: OMG!! I can't tell u how excited i am to hear from u, from someone else who was actually at the exhibition.. first off, how did u land on my blog?
    secondly, i loved ur piece.. at first i thought the bull and the painting wer 2 seperate piece, n i was like haha! look someones got a painting.. then i realised it was all one, n i was like, shit! thats good! :D
    the scorpion was hands down, too damn good.. the lady gaga.. :( that shud've been the easiest piece there.. ! n the huge bull looking like a dog, LOL!

  9. @allaboutbeadee : thank u love! :) :*

  10. Wow.... Sema superbbb Photography wonderfull try... all the best do more Mr.Javita

  11. am excited too to find sumone who has a broken heart too just like me :P i was going through the news abt the exhibition... n i found ur blog... n seriously i loved ur art piece... loved the texture u gave for the background! n thanks for lovin my piece... actually the brush was supposed to b touching the painting but i dun know y they kept it so far from the bull.. may b becoz of that y piece lost the concept... anyway... i loved ur hair too... if i got it correct was it inspired by lilith moon video??? :P becoz its really similar... when i saw u there at the exhibition... i was like hey she tried that hair do n its lookin amazing :)

  12. @huda jassim: o ma god!! We gt to meet! The hairstyle IS inspired by lilithe moon. Isn't she awesome? I think der will b an event on d 17th to give us souvenirs.. We'l get chatty den alright? :) :)

  13. @huda jassim: o ma god!! We gt to meet! The hairstyle IS inspired by lilithe moon. Isn't she awesome? I think der will b an event on d 17th to give us souvenirs.. We'l get chatty den alright? :) :)

  14. Hey, great...I drank red bull the other day and I hated it. BTW you are looking so lovely:)

  15. yup she is absolutely AWESOMEEEEE!!! love her videos!!! :) n yeah may be if we're there on the same time... we'll surely meet up :)

  16. hey there!....glad to find the description of your the idea behind it...well love that it had such deep thought....

    i get what ur saying bout the other pieces that one.....the bull is like the basic idea, i mean who dn’t think of that...but it was done amazingly....and it was the opposite of mine....

    oh btw, i participated too, mine was the tiniest..its the lil castle. dn't really expect to win mostly cuz of the size but i stood by it trying to eves drop and listen to ppls opinions...

    but i dnt really mind not winning but i loved the publicity...loved seeing my name in and in the book and everything… im just hoping that we see our pieces on billboards next year :)

  17. @anonymous: your little castle was just too damn good.. after the winners were selected , i was telling my fiance that urs deserved the prize more than the 2nd and the third place.. cuz, although it is tiny, the details in it was amazing!! and thank you for liking my work :)

  18. the anonymous is Tamara...dnt kno y i was finding it hard to get into my account to comment but just needed anonymous was the easiest thing to do....and i found my way around your blog and i love it :)

  19. @tamara: lol, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for liking my blog.. like huda and I decided, if there's a meeting on 17th for the distribution of the souveniours, we should meet :)

  20. And that’s awfully sweet of u…my piece is entirely made of redbull cans and my DNS…after super gluing my fingers to it and ripping it off time and time again

  21. love to meet you as well as huda :)

  22. @tamara!! omg! i knw ! i tried super gluing too..and fingers getting stuck! ugh! dint work for me.. so i was using hot glue gun, which even broke down before completing.. lol! i loved the fact that u used only red bull cans! :D

  23. i bet we can find everyone that took part by looking for ppl with no finger prints left...mine was too tiny for a glue gun, but i did use it...even tho i couldn't fine glue stick to fit mine a bigger size and managed to shove it in...i hope my glue gun forgives me…it will….but my new fav toy is the staple gun…but its not for a klutz like me…il have more than just DNA stuck it…maybe a whole finger

  24. lol!!! no finger prints! :D
    and staple gun.. hmmmmmm! sounds interesting! *evil smirk*

  25. wowwwww!!! so the castle maker is finally hereeee!!! I LOVEDDDDD UR PIECE.... IT WAS SO AMAZINGLY DETAILED!!! U SURELY DESERVED A PRIZE!!! if there is sum event then we'd all surely meet... welll... i know mr.jovita as ive seen her there so i remeber her... wat abt tamara??? how wud i cum to know its u?? :)

  26. lol...this is the easiest the other indian girl...haha....

    thats so sweet ov u...i did hav my fingers crossed..but i knew that size is what wasnt too hopeful...there were some amazing things there...your piece looked like it took alot of effort and thought...they should hav had an explanation on the side...cuz alot of ppl put alot of thought into there piece...but i guess u cant really explain art...

    anyhu...i cant wait to meet u guys :)

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