Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday hairstyle : Roman princess

I have been happily sporting this hairstyle every chance I get, including in the past couple of my youtube videos. A lot of my viewers here on the blog and on the youtube channel have requested a tutorial on this look.AND, HERE IT IS! man, its so easy!

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to upload this video :)
This is the bestest hairstyle for stubborn, disobedient and dirty hair :D

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Also, check out my other videos on youtube, you might just like them :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Casual Stripes

UH-OH! Look who's here, some one call the PAPARAZZI!! :P

It was like 2 degree Celsius when I got out of my place in the morning, and i was bundled up like a little rabbit, but Kuwait warmed up during mid day, 
and off came a couple of layers

I love layering a simple sweater on top of a button down shirt.. the collar and the cuffs peeking through, gives a little bit of dimension and contrast making it KA-CHING! 

These boots have been my staples all month for 2 simple reasons :
1. They keep my puny legs warm
2. I can't be bothered to unearth the rest of my boots in the early winter mornings :)

TO DO: Rearrange my wardrobe this weekend. 

My Thor is always kind enough to take pictures for me. 
Believe me when I say this, he is the CUTEST! He runs around the whole place with a very professional touch, clicking away, untroubled by curious gawkers.
I get a weeeeeeeeeeeeee lil embarrassed though, and I'm always hurrying him 
"Fast baby fast, people are staring! "


Have you tried Au bon pain?

you'll never think of starbucks again! take my word!

We were supposed to catch a movie today "The help", read great reviews and all that.. but forgetful me forgot to reserve the tickets.. 
SO, coffee and sheesha it is! 

See you soon darlings!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Art of can, Kuwait

For the past couple of years, RED BULL, has been organizing the "Art of can" competition and exhibition in various different countries around the world. An initiative taken up by Red Bull to encourage art and recycling . Of course a little Red bull Hype and advertisement wouldn't hurt either :)

And for the first time in history, Kuwait hosted the Red bull art of can exhibition!

When the temperature is dropping mercilessly low, and when it seems like your bestest friend in the whole wide world is the cup of steaming coffee in your hands, an initiative taken up by the Bushery group, to bring the Red bull art of can exhibition to Kuwait is commendable! We actually had something SPECTACULAR to look forward to this weekend!

Well, if you're wondering why I'm taking so much ineterst in this, buckle up ma chere !!  :)

 ok, sorry, got a little carried off, I dint win even a complementary prize, and I still get carried away. 
tsk tsk ! Silly girl !

To prevent any confusions here, and to aid the total understanding of my  sweat and blood, I’ll explain my work a bit,

 (a friend of mine asked me,”What is the red bull doing to the baby bottle?”  YIKES!)

So the silver tilting mass that you see, yea, that’s supposed to be the Empire state building.
 Oh yeah! Big ideas! Wait a minute, It does look like a baby bottle, but I wasn’t the architect of The Empire state,  I’m just a mere copier, :D so well…

In my work, Red bull is holding up the falling Stock exchange. ( the ‘tilting’ symbolises the crashing financial crisis). And, as you may agree, red bull signifies Energy, vitality and vigour.
So to conclude, all I was trying to say is,  “With determination, vitality and vigour, we can overcome anything, including the financial crisis that’s choking a lot of us  of dear life.”

 When I was standing amongst the other artists waiting for the emcee to declare the winner, I had little hopes, as you can see, BUT my family was very expectant. They thought I had a commendable idea behind the badly executed master piece. 

End of story, A scorpion, Lady gaga costume and  a huge silver bull took home the prizes. So much for deep thinking! :D
Apparently, they were looking for JUST art! :D

For more info on the exhibition, check out

pop up

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