Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stripes, Spots, Fur and Leather

Slowly but steadily, Kuwait is getting chillier.. So, well, I finally got the chance to wear my precious leather jacket. :)

  I love softening up the tough looks of a leather jacket with a delicate scarf. And what better than Miss leopard print herself to sass up the outfit :)

I loving these boots, and I'm loving them flat, but they were CRUSHING my toes by the end of the day, the pain vs. style scale was completely out of balance.. ::(

I know I've been over doing my Avexa.. BUT I WOVE HERRRR!!! :s

Quick update on my knee :: healing and limping :D

AAh, beautiful world , beautiful life.
Seriously, life is what you want it to be.
Hoping that you want nothing but awesome-ness from your life, I'm signing off for today.
God bless! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

I tamed the Lion

They told me run away
He will chew and spit
He does not know how to stay
Cold, sharp, a culprit.

I couldn’t turn my back
To his charming smile
They said, commitment he may lack
I said, Maybe it will just take a while

Then I witnessed the leaf reduce
Gory, anguish , ache  aghast
Now I remember “them”  adduce
warning me of his callous past

We din’t give up, din’t have the power
Couldn’t stop fighting,
 with and for, each other,
the passion, our love calling.

Lord smiled, we walk the triumphant aisle
Of love and happiness, today, we’re scion.
I was right, it just took a while,
I have finally tamed my ferocious Lion!

Friday, November 18, 2011

How Peter pan fell

This is how easy it is to transform your summer wardrobe into your fall/winter wardrobe!
I absolutely love this playsuit, and I was more than excited to wear it today.
I was trotting away in happiness, when I tripped on my shoe lace, and fell face flat,
right in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!
well, I'm still alive to write this post, but bruised reeally bad :(

It's quite surprising that my knees resemble a scrumptious crepe now, but not a scratch on these EXPRESS tights. Girls, head on over to EXPRESS and grab all the tights you can. It has been tested (shedding blood), and MR.JovitaGeorge approves!

Getting back to the outfit, there's quite a lot I admire in this lovely 70's patterned romper.
The peter pan collar (you should know that I'm obssessed!), the flat gold buttons and the quirky belt just to list a few! :)

I threw on a simple black cardigan as the sun yawned goodnight , it was getting slightly chilly then.. :)

I told you I was in a supreme mood to start off with.. how could I step out the door without the rainbow on my wrist? :)

A girl's gotta be stylish, but rarely can I compromise on comfort,
and therefore, today was a day for my military boots 
now, the reason for my aching bruise :( 
and my Alexa lookalike, I baptize her, Avexa!
(I got her from this brand named VISS, but its clearly Alexa's long lost twin!) 

I'm signing off for the day with a smile and with this image, 
JUST in case you were wondering what my derriere looked like!
see you soon sunshine!
take care until then!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling Blue and Plaid

Kuwait has been painted with beautiful weather for the past couple of weeks. If only it felt like this all year round! :)

We decided to spend the weekend exploring a certain city. I knew I'd be spending the entire day walking, so I wore my fav pair of brogues, since they're comfortable and chic.
I had to make most of the enviable weather, you know, it's not always like this :)
So, I chose to wear this plaid shirt with a light blue flowy skirt, keeping a monochromatic and casual feel.

A wide patent leather belt, a matching vintage clutch (which belonged to my mom), ma rings and ma watch,
and Kuwait, here I come!

Watched the movie "In time" - NOT BAD!

Thanks for visiting me ma friend, hope to see you very soon!
tc :) !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm a teenager again!

It's been ages since i felt like this. 
I actually feel like a teenage girl again, 
My heart flutters every time I see him, and it just skips a beat when he smiles... 

WELL, here's the deal, my mom's Korean friend gave her a DVD about 3 months ago.
She wanted to watch it and we refused. 
This weekend, owing to lack of exciting plans, my sister and I gave in to "mommy pressure" and played the DVD. I mean, how long would it take..? 1 hour? maybe 2? chalega !

3 hours into the movie, we're checking our watch and well, it's not going to finish any time soon.. 
6 hours into the movie we were like, what the hell is this?
10 hours into it, it clicked, OOOHH!! Its NOT a movie  !!

But by this time, we were sooooo hooked on to Joon shang and Youjin, we just had to know what happens to them, HOPING AGAINST ALL HOPES that they'd get together in the end.

Through tears, giggles, nachos, 20 hours and an entire weekend, we got through what we now call the "Mommys Korean serial"

(they DID end up together but my joon shang ended up blind, and I shed a few tears :(
HEY! it wasn't that obvious that they'd get together, he almost died 4 times, and she once in 20 hours.
 they were even declared siblings for a considerable amount of time.
so it's HUGE that they're thogether..u know.. ? )

But let me tell you something, every second of the 20 hours of the Mommy's Korean serial in a completely new language with prompt English subtitles, WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

ok, so we dint shower, eat or sleep for 3 days, but so what, I MET JOON SHANG.. <3

wait, i did eat shower and sleep.. but you get the idea.. :D

and now I'm searchin up the vast oceans of google about a korean actor whose name I can't even pronounce ..

    Bae yong joon.. I LOVE YOU ! 

    and with the permission of my fiance I've created a celeb list just     for HIM.. If you know what I mean.. ;)

So cutting this long story short, now see why I feel like a teenage girl?

btw, if you Still can't get me ..take a look !!



P.s: If you're interested in watching this hottie and going through all that i went through- highly recommended,
the drama is named "Winter sonata"

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hanging on a flimsy chain,
Encrusted in gold and diamonds,
Slowly slipping in gruelling pain,
He stares down at the hungry canyon.

What’s it worth, all that cash,
If you don’t have time, by your side ?
For, only with time can you enjoy your stash
You can’t save some and you can’t hide.

The almighty has blessed us with,
TIME!  undoubtedly, the greatest gift!
Its preciousness, though forgotten, is not a myth.
you can share some with your love, for an instant lift!

This last minute spend reading,
Is lost forever, bid adieu.
Now stick it in a pile of deep yearning,
Cuz’ your clock just lost a few!

And as for the man with cash and gold,
Oh! He’s safe and warm and sound,
Now you nurse your need, before too old
Our stay is timed, on this ground!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunset love

Yellow+orange+red always made me feel warm and cozy. 
The kind of feeling you get when you're getting kissed by the sun at the beach
 So when the summer is slowly bidding goodbye, making way for winter to step in, 
I thought a little color therapy is all i need cuddle me up!
AND, I was right!

I got this orange Dorothy Perkin top a couple of weeks ago, and I've been wearing since! The option to style them are endless! and I love the color, the feel, the fall, and best of all the tuxedo style back! :)

Working with warm palette, I had to accessorize with gold, so I chose this knotted pale gold necklace,
belt, and my fav rose gold watch .

Well, the look is definitely not complete without a few pumps of my Gucci flora. NowPerfect!

Thanks for stopping by, love!
I'll see you soon

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