Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 accessory every woman must own!

“The right accessory can make or break an outfit.”

I’ve heard that so much, I’m sick of that clichéd line!  But still, nothing can change my love for accessories - a hand full of stacked bracelets, the perfect pair of sun glasses, layered necklaces in gold and silver... mmmmm.. yeah!

We can customize and personalize an outfit JUST by using different accessories!
              And what’s even better?  You can even layer accessories to your heart’s content!

While, as a general rule of thumb, we prefer to stock up on cheap accessories, sometimes it’s better to invest in some classic pieces with which you can mix and match.
 Adding a few but significant pieces to your wardrobe will take it from being simply fab to ultra-glam!

So, here are the list of items, that EVERY girl, simply MUST have!
1.      Skinny belt
Who doesn’t like a defined waist?
Throw on a belt and cinch in that waist (or create a waist)
Layer more than one belt together to get a slightly chunky and unique  look, layer them in the same colors, in contrasting colours, in colors from the same family, in contrasting texture and materials..
the options are endless!

2.      A structured bag

You simply must have a classic structured bag in a basic color like, black, brown or beige. The bag will go with everything in your closet, and even house all your extra belongings!

3.      Wrist watch

What do you put out most often for the world to see? YOUR HANDS!
You talk with your hands, you point with your hands, you type with your hands.. I mean, its hands all the way..
SO, instead of buying 50 dozen cheap watches, invest in 1 designer watch in a timeless style.
Try to avoid over bling and pshycadelic colors , if it’s going to be your only designer watch.

4.      The perfect  stilettos

Another staple that every woman MUST own! A great pair in nude, not only goes with every single attire you own and lengthens and shapes your legs  it also lends you unprecedented amount of Glamour and poise!
Need I say more about black stilettos?
 (well, it shapes your calves! Not the blackness.. the heelness! :P )
Opt for chunkier heels if you’re a woman on the run, and a sleek pointy one for an elegant night out.

5.      Perfume

The perfect accessory of all time! Who said accessories have to be visible??
Tantalize the olfactory senses of your poor victims! Buhuhuhahahaha..!
 You could be dressed in the most basic tee and jeans, but if you’ve got your sexy signature scent on , girl, you’re a diva!
Invest in a good brand, so that you don’t harm you skin. And you smell like the Glamdoll that you are!
Make ‘em boys and girls drool!

6.      Diamond studs
Which woman doesn’t own a pair of simple blings? 
No better way to scream, “Classic, elegant and timeless! ”

Case closed!


  1. I have first five but I don't have studs. Will ask my husband to buy those for me. :) :) :)


  2. Thanks for sharing this will add beauty!:)

  3. soo true!!!! nice blog :)

    loads of love - megha from india

  4. I scond saru...But I'm single and so will have to wait till I've one...lolz...
    Good post...

    village girl

  5. loved that you added the diamond studs!

  6. I have nearly all of them. :) I've studs like this in gold will get real diamond studs soon. :)

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