Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nature's way for healthy hair: DIY hair mask

          While eating fruits, vegetable and protein rich food will make you healthy and strong from inside, sometimes, we need a little something something from the outside, to protect our body – skin, nails and hair.

         Especially since pollution, constantly changing climate, bad bath water and increased use of hot tools on your hair has become such a staple.

 This is when we resort to packs and masks.

 We are accustomed to face masks, let me now introduce you to hair masks.

         Some of you might already be dedicated users of store bought hair masks.
 But why spend cold cash on hair products “with goodness of honey”, “with natural extracts of olive oil” or “with essence of real eggs” when, you can just walk to your darling kitchen and ACTUALLY apply honey, olive oil and egg on our hair. Hmmmm…. Good stuff huh? J

ü    You’re sparing your dear self from all the preservatives, fragrances, and chemicals
ü                             you’re saving your crowning glory from experimental attempts of a highly raved hair product
ü    AND, in this tough economical times, you’re saving yourself some dear money

You can custom make your own hair mask depending on the needs of your hair. Here, I’ll list down some of the best things you can use on your hair and their benefit.

To clear away any confusions, watch World's best hair mask! first :)

o   Strengthens the hair and makes it voluminous
o   Helps in repairing dry, damaged,
    heat and pollution exposed hair.
o   The vitamin B helps in the prevention of split ends.
o   The type of hair that is suitable for this treatment are dry hair, dyed hair and for hair after perm.
o   Good to treat dandruff
o   Moisturizes hair and scalp
o   Enhance endurance and shine of the hair.

2.     Egg
o   The protein in egg makes the hair stronger,
    and protects against hair breakage
o   Prevents slit ends
o   Makes hair smooth and shiny
o   Helps in thickening of hair
o   Gives life and bounce to limp lifeless hair
o   Conditions and moisturises dry hair

3.    Milk
o   Moisturises, conditions and cleans
o   Makes hair manageable

4.  Honey
o   Makes hair soft and shiny
o   Folk remedies with honey are said to encourage hair growth

5.     Avocado
o   Moisturises the hair making it less brittle and damaged
o   The vitamins in avocado aid in hair growth
o   Prevents and treats dandruff
o   Maintains hair perm

6.     Apple cider vinegar
o   Prevents and treats dandruff
o   Thickens hair and reduces hairfall
o   Can be substituted for a clarifying shampoo.
7.     Lemon
o   Treats dandruff
o   Natural bleach, helps lighten hair
o   Helps in controlling hair fall and hair breakage
o   Makes hair shiny and bouncy
o   Good for oily, scanty and dull hair
o   Good to regulate oil produced by greasy hair

PHEW! Now that you know the benefits of some of the best products for hair, pick and choose for your hair, make a paste and apply on your entire hair for about 1 hour, and wash off like you normally do.

Apart from this, you can also deep condition your hair with weekly oil massage. Watch Healthy hair care, to know more about that!
Thanks for reading, 
take care of your hair :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I like pain, don’t you?

Happiness brings life
twinkle, smile and clover halo
Every second fresh,
 every breath fresh
Cradling inspiration to sleep

Pain gives a waking push,
chest crushing, head throbbing
 sensitive to color,
sensitive to holler
juicing creativity out its peel.

we yearn to be happy,
walk through thorns ,
and jump over hurdles!
but, pain has its own beauty
like the glisten of flowing water
reveals the true glow of joy!

so, I like pain, don’t you? 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Khaki + kicks

Click to enlarge image

Move over color blocking, neutrals are cozying up for fall. 
I'm not quite ready to give up my colors yet, but well, feeling a little army today! :D 
(Please click on the image to enlarge)

Bought the top in a size large, 'cuz I'm digging the loose flowy look of it, teamed with a simple long chain (with guns and hats :D) to bring in the length, as opposed to bulk, to the torso.

Beige jeans with studs, aviators, rose gold watch, army boots..
I'm ready for the day,
let's kick some ass!

 thanks for being here roger, 
see you soon :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn throw up

The monochromatic style (dressing head to toe in different shades of a single hue) was a highly predicted trend for spring/summer 2011 , BUT, sadly the Color blocking trend ( epitomized by Gucci spring/summer 2011 collection - drooool! ) kicked monochromatic's ass and well, we dint see much of it on the streets. But, come fall, and I see monochromatic climbing back up the ladder, and now, I have huge hopes for this trend, for fall :)
worn right, it can make you look taller , leaner and classier !

And thus, as you can see, autumn has puked on me today, in all its brown vibrancy  

I accessorized with this gifted vintage structured bag 

                                     and a super long skinny snake skin belt looped around multiple times

and my current OBSESSION (understatement), my rose gold Marc Jacobs.

Rose gold accessories have been huge this season, and it will continue to be in vogue for the coming season.
Rose gold complements all skin tones, and goes with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you can possible wear..sigh! love!
So rock your gold!

Hope you enjoyed this post..
I shall see you super soon :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

I still miss you

Visions stolen,
Heart beat raised
You still touch me,
In the castle in the air

I don’t want to miss you,
Truth is, I still do
The smile, those eyes,
I still miss you..

The path has forked
The world has split
Memories tainted,
I still miss you

I yearn for a rendezvous
To reminisce the cold touch
The twinkle, the chuckle,
I still miss you

Cries of laughter,
Strength of bond,
The waiting seconds,
I still miss you

Time does not reverse
The road unveils beautifully
But, some are unforgettable
And, I, still miss you…

Monday, September 5, 2011

Miss Kerala 2005

spot me!

Was going through some old pictures and found these, and I'm finding great joy, in sharing these with you

The experience was a truly life changing moment,
The bright lights and traditional music kept my heart beating
The loud screams of my friends kept my smile from fading..
 I wouldn't have been the same, my life wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for that 1 night!

I didn't find it too important when all this was happening, and to a great degree, I despised it. I was young, and all the pressure was too much, I didn't enjoy the precious moments that followed, and sadly i didn't collect any photos either.

the back stage drama, the overnight popularity
the tears, the fears, the VIP chairs and the opportunity

 these moments will stay fresh in my memory forever

and  these photos, I found, I'll show my grand kids 1 day..

(I think im talkin like this cuz of the great motivation music of dr.oz playin in the background :D )

See you soon darlings!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do you see how Kuwait is Black and White?

In 1979, when my mom first landed in Kuwait, she was amazed at the religious intensity of the nation. 
She ran around the airport asking all the reverent fathers for their blessings, as she's come to a new country speaking a new language, to start of her career, her life...
Only when she reached her hostel, made new friends and got talking did she realize, that all the men in white, she asked for blessings were nothing, but regular arab men! 
 oh well, life is an adventure!  :D

The national wear of Kuwaiti men (arab men, at large) is a long white tunic called the 'Dishdasha'.
Their traditional wear, goes on to show how hot the country is. The turban originally was a protective shield from the unforgiving rays of the sun, and the color white reflects light and heat, keeping the body cool.

whereas, the women, traditionally, wear a long black loose cloak, over whatever they're wearing, 
depicting their modestly, covering from head to toe. 

the new age, fashion forward ladies, get the same "abaya" , in a more figure hugging, form fitting silhouette. 

ANYHOOOO, this is how kuwait seems black and white and shades of brown. 
(watch my video "Wanna go for a drive?" on youtube to know more about the brown.. :) )

Now no body can argue about the fact that Black and white is a classic combination!

Thanks for reading.. See you soon :)

btw, what is the color of your country? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Magic of the polka dots

When in doubt (say a hungover, bloated day ? ), throw on an a-line polka dress! 
All those dots will camouflage the extra cheese dipping and the A-line shape is globally flattering! :)
A cropped blazer for some structure,
a broad belt for some waist definition,

a pair of stilettos, and your ready for the world! :)

Thanks for visiting me..
see you soon
have a blessed day! :)

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