Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rise Again


Embracing deathly chill,
Mouldy myrr of a dingy cave
Flooding black, fill
Piercing ring, wave..
Huddled in a corner
Waiting, waiting, a mourner

In comes an angel
Holding a full candle
Flickering light flashes
off slippery stone patches

hunger thirst wretched in pain
now expectant, threw a chain
for warmth for care
for a breath of fresh air

settling down beside the lost
wrapping a blanket laced in love
lifting, leading into the day
against piercing light blinding the way

the burn the bliss
shown once again
reason to smile
taught once again

life comes alone,
just once, its your throne
soon will be time to exit the door.
So Guard it, it’s a gift that many pray for!


  1. I feel lucky to have you around as well ... :) <3.. the poem is beautiful.. keep more coming

  2. wow!! i knw i m saying wow for , god only knows th tym! but u'r poems desrve to hear it again n again :) i really loved it :) m sure gonna guard it :)


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