Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Driving Safely in Kuwait during summer

It is scary how shredded and peeled off tires are such a common roadside sight in Kuwait during the summer.
With the sun doing the best it can, in blessing Kuwait, things get pretty hot to handle in this cute little country.
And with super swanky, super fast cars flooding the amazingly constructed roads of Kuwait, accidents are not a rare sight.
But with the “new” development of peeling tires, the accidents have just shot up drastically!

Not only are you at the risk of having your tire exploded in the middle of a highway, You are also at the risk of having a “flying shredding” smack into your car, leaving you stunned, and the car uncontrolled!

So please take care of the following, IF you live in a similarly hot country:

1.    Always have your car in its best condition.

2.    Regularly check the air pressure of the tires, and keep it slightly lower than recommended (This is because, the temperature of the tire increases while running, thus increasing pressure, thus leading it to explode)

3.    Stay alert throughout your journey (dozing off/using your phone might seem ok, but you’re endangering your life and somebody else’s)

4.    If a tire or a piece of it, comes flying at you, don’t panick and hit the breaks,
          INSTEAD switch on the “hazard lights”, slow down, turn on your indicator, and divert slowly to the emergency lane (if it has damaged your car).

5.DO NOT over speed 

REMEMBER: It’s not just your precious life, A LOT OF LIVES depend on your wheels, while you’re on the road.

Drive safe!


  1. Goodness, I didn't realize how tough it is on the roads in Kuwait! excellent tips,I'm so glad you started up a blog for us to read! hope you're staying safe and doing well.

  2. thank u soo babe, ur support means the world to me.. :) n yea, its hell on the roads of kuwait...!

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