Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything is going to be alright

Flashing pain, pierce the chest
Numbing despair, mind infest
Shudder of pain anchor the body
Lack of a shadow mould the soul

Everything is going to be alright
Everything has its own time
We are destined for something great
But we have to cross this path to reach our fate

Pearls of tears drowning life
Shrieks of torment flourishing thrive
Jeans ripped, knees torn
End of tunnel not yet born

Everything is going to be alright
Everything has its own time
We are destined for something great
But we have to cross this path to reach our fate

Crawling in dark, end unknown
Blood and sweat always worn
Fruits of labour, a mysterious myth
How much more, forever bliss?

Everything is going to be alright
Everything has its own time
We are destined for something great
But we have to cross this path to reach our fate!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trending: High waist pants

The key to making high waist pants work, according to me, is the perfect skinny belt!
and, I love what vertical stripes do, to elongate the body.
 when it comes to height, the more, the merrier! :)

As much as i love cropped pants on others, I just can't seem to work it, so I always pair my crop pants with booties in from the same color family.

Do you notice the striking resemblance between my drool worthy bag and the "mulberry bayswater" ?? I shall enjoy this baby, till the day I can afford the real deal. 
1 day baby, 1 day!

Hope you're having a good day..
Thanks for visiting me! :) 

Monday, August 22, 2011


Psychedelic spotlights
cast by busy cars,
Drowned by white noise
of the city that was,
Stole a gaze into his glistening eyes
Got sucked in, got stuck in a trance

With his hands sweeping up my waist
Lights dim, noise haze,
His breath linger, nose graze,
A slight bow, and a tippy toe
Together, our lips freeze..
translate into touch a squeeze
Taking a deep breath,
Our eyes fall.. my mind stalls

 Isnt it beautiful how
The world seize to survive
Maybe a little wheel.
Dazed in a kiss,
Breathe synchronize
Heart beats entice

To feel him in your space
To share everything of the moment
Feels like nothing
Nothing, but life,nothing, but love!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Trending: Mixing prints

Mixing prints can be fun and tricky. While mixing different prints, make sure that one print is more prominent than the other,
here the floral print on the skirt is tiny and rather insignificant, so the outfit ties in together. :)

I threw in a thick black belt to give a little more definition to the waist, to counteract all the floppiness going on, 
and the black leggings with black stilettoes elongates our leggies :D

These shoes are made for walking, and that's just what they do! excuse the dirtiness ladies, 
this is what happens when you walk in your shoes 

Thank you for stopping by.. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Driving Safely in Kuwait during summer

It is scary how shredded and peeled off tires are such a common roadside sight in Kuwait during the summer.
With the sun doing the best it can, in blessing Kuwait, things get pretty hot to handle in this cute little country.
And with super swanky, super fast cars flooding the amazingly constructed roads of Kuwait, accidents are not a rare sight.
But with the “new” development of peeling tires, the accidents have just shot up drastically!

Not only are you at the risk of having your tire exploded in the middle of a highway, You are also at the risk of having a “flying shredding” smack into your car, leaving you stunned, and the car uncontrolled!

So please take care of the following, IF you live in a similarly hot country:

1.    Always have your car in its best condition.

2.    Regularly check the air pressure of the tires, and keep it slightly lower than recommended (This is because, the temperature of the tire increases while running, thus increasing pressure, thus leading it to explode)

3.    Stay alert throughout your journey (dozing off/using your phone might seem ok, but you’re endangering your life and somebody else’s)

4.    If a tire or a piece of it, comes flying at you, don’t panick and hit the breaks,
          INSTEAD switch on the “hazard lights”, slow down, turn on your indicator, and divert slowly to the emergency lane (if it has damaged your car).

5.DO NOT over speed 

REMEMBER: It’s not just your precious life, A LOT OF LIVES depend on your wheels, while you’re on the road.

Drive safe!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips to happiness #1


Its is not possible to be happy, by dedicating 100% of yourself
to a single thing in life
Divide yourself into tiny little packages,
and distribute among many amazing things
a% - Family
b% - Love
c% - Friends
d% - career
and so on.. 

So even if 1 attribute fails you, you have others to fall back on.
ensuring your balance and sanity
AND THUS, keeping you always happy!


Rise Again


Embracing deathly chill,
Mouldy myrr of a dingy cave
Flooding black, fill
Piercing ring, wave..
Huddled in a corner
Waiting, waiting, a mourner

In comes an angel
Holding a full candle
Flickering light flashes
off slippery stone patches

hunger thirst wretched in pain
now expectant, threw a chain
for warmth for care
for a breath of fresh air

settling down beside the lost
wrapping a blanket laced in love
lifting, leading into the day
against piercing light blinding the way

the burn the bliss
shown once again
reason to smile
taught once again

life comes alone,
just once, its your throne
soon will be time to exit the door.
So Guard it, it’s a gift that many pray for!

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